The mission of the LTA is to protect and develop all aspects of our great lake, and the quality of life of all those who enjoy this wonderful resource. Our objectives extend from protecting our environment and the peacefulness, esthetics, and safety of the residents, to the planning and organization of the development and cultural life of our lake.


The LAC TREMBLANT PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION was founded in the early 1980s and was incorporated November 25, 1983.  The LTA is a local, not-for-profit, non-political association made up of people around Lac TREMBLANT, the Mountain, and the area surrounding Lac Tremblant.  On June 19th, 2009, by Resolution, the name was changed to L’ASSOCIATION DU LAC TREMBLANT/LAKE TREMBLANT ASSOCIATION.

Past Presidents include Messrs Gerry HARRISON, Kevin REYNOLDS, Don MURPHY, Bryan OSBORN, Steve SHAW, and Andre JULIEN.

The Association operates today as the “voice” of Lac TREMBLANT.  The elected Board of Directors are charged, by the membership, to maintain a liaison with the local Councils, and all other entities that can and do influence the quality of life around, on and in the Lac. Though we will maintain neutrality on issues between members, we can assist or direct members on where to go for assistance,  when needed.   There is strength in numbers.

C.P. 2454, Succ. B, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1B1
Email: info@associationtremblant.ca


• To maintain the environmental health of Lac TREMBLANT;
• To monitor developments which affect the environment of Lac TREMBLANT;
• To represent the needs of its members;
• To interface with and monitor the policies and activities of various levels of government and non-government agencies;
• To inform members of local issues through Newsflashes, the Annual General Meeting, and e-mails;
• To cooperate with other associations having similar objectives;
• Participate in and contribute to the local community.

Our Primary Concerns

Assuring the quality of our water – This is number one and overrides all! Do you know many cottagers still draw drinking water straight from the lake? LTA routinely tests the water and works with environmentalists to determine best practices to implement for our lake, in balance with the needs of our members.

Striving for a reasonable balance for development in the region that affects our lake. We’ve tempered commercial development, to reduce their impact. We were instrumental in eliminating projects like the commercial floatplanes.

Encouraging the social benefits of life on our lake.
A new Code of Conduct for boating, including reduced speeds near the shoreline. Discussion with all stakeholders regarding “no wake” zones. Working with Transport Canada on better locating their new 60 metre buoys. Resolution with multiple parties of the haphazard boat anchors in the South bay. And now a major presence as part of the new Ironman events.

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