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Zombies like to get high by suckling nasty aquatic plants called Eurasian Water Milfoil - but they’ll never come to Lac Tremblant as the plant isn’t there. If you want to avoid stone-cold Zombies, join us in keeping Lac Tremblant free from Zombie drugs.

NEW * Cover letter for the 2021 Annual Dues and Special Contribution

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Membership is open to all individuals, families or business owners of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant and Municipality de Lac-Tremblant-Nord. We strive to regroup all interested parties who believe that the protection of Lac Tremblant’s pristine environment is crucial to our community.

If you own one of the beautiful lake-front properties, you rely on the long-term health of the region’s iconic lake for your pleasure, and to preserve the value of your home. Residents from all corners of the region may enjoy daily access to our clean water for swimming, boating and fishing.

And business owners must appreciate how this pristine lake attracts a strong tourist presence for your business.

What has the Association done for you in the last ten years?

  • We lobbied hard to prevent the exploitation of floatplanes, a major noise irritant and suspect in the proliferation of invasive water species;
  • We sought to protect the erosion of the lake’s shoreline by promoting the responsible practice of wake boarding;
  • We have been instrumental in requiring boat, trailer, kayak, canoe, wetsuits, fishing gear, children’s toys, and paddleboard cleansing to minimize the risk of invasive species that have infected neighboring lakes.

The prime mission of the LTA is to protect and preserve the environment of our beautiful lake. Our lake is healthy. Join the LTA to keep it that way!

Please complete your membership below. We’ve added a PayPal link to simplify this process, or you can mail your cheque payable to “Association Lac Tremblant” for this year’s dues of $100 per household or boat.

  1. Step 1 - Please complete this form;
  2. Step 2 - We will then provide you with options to pay your annual fee.

If you love your lake - join the LTA.
Want to do more – get your neighbors to sign up too.

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